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About Rentpal

We believe creating the best experience for tenants, property managers and asset managers also creates the best returns for investors.

There is a need for innovation in the real estate industry!
It’s 2022, but residential real estate is lagging far behind in the field of digitization. Many investments are made (more than 100 billion in 2021), but execution is lagging behind. Implementation of constant changes is still time consuming and costly.

Rentpal is the solution.

We combine the best of tech and the best of real estate in a single ‘integrated’ tenant-to-investor platform.

We focus on the best customer experience. Create affordable rent, happy living, operational efficiency and income growth. Through enabling the best tenant and property management experience we aim to become the preferred platform by owners and managers.

Together, we create value beyond rent. 

With love for users and developers

We have over 50 years of lead/executive roles in strategy, operations, platform, architecture & product within and outside the real estate industry.We have a proven track record in delivering best-in-class customer experience, always placing customer experience first! Seems like a lot of blah-blah, but we do believe this is what will make Rentpal the No.1 tenant and property management platform.

Overall it’s the team that makes it all happen. Whether it’s the best tenant experience, seamless onboarding experience, strategic advice or support… 

Robbert Huisman CEO

Robbert Huisman


Robbert is the leader of the wolfpack. The man who always smiles.

“A true platform play will completely change how tenants and buildings are managed”

Jurjan Woltman

Jurjan Woltman


He instantly understands the most complex ideas, faster than anyone. He also bakes his own bread.

“it’s shocking to see the current (lack of) systems & integrations in the rental space”

Martijn de Haan

Martijn de Haan


Martijn gets the job done and drops out of video calls because of WiFi issues.

“A product or customer mindset with the property manager or investor is missing”




Marina is the most detail-oriented developer there is. She leaves no edge-case unnoticed. She also has a personal driver. Lucky her!



This guy can make anything pretty in no time. His favorite sentence: gooooo team! He also speaks Mandarin.




Bas is our Bulldozer. He is an expert developer who leaves no line of code unturned. He refactors anything which does not meet his high quality standards.




Both an adventure man in disguise and our last resort: if you have a problem, if no one else can help, Dee will fix your code.

The team, the players who make it all happen.

Headquartered in Amsterdam. the team spawns from Groningen, a population of more than 235.000, to Zwaag, a population of 3.214, and some more places in-between.

What drives us? We love to do good, we love to innovate, we learn by failing and always have a tenant-first approach. We work together with our user, to be able to build the best possible user experience. To meet your needs and to become the number 1 end-to-end property management platform.


By enabling the best tenant and property management experience we become the preferred platform by owners and managers.

With respect for all,  we build on the highest quality and best experience in the world of rental and real estate. We make it better than before at all times, for everybody. To make renting affordable and enjoyable.

Based on transparency, trust, efficiency and loyalty.

Together, we create happy tenants.
Together, we create happy managers.
Together, we create happy investors.

The number one tenant-to-investor platform.

One platform, better insights, happy tenants.

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One platform, better insights, happy tenants.