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Save time and work together in one platform. Wherever you are.

Rentpal enables you to change how tenants and homes are being managed today.
Aim for the ultimate tenant experience. Together we create happy tenants, happy managers, happy owners.

Together we create value beyond rent.

I am very satisfied with Rentpal and its use. It really creates an uncluttered view on our work. I wouldn’t want to go back to our previous system!

Welmoed Gelderloosproperty manager

Managing and closing work orders we can now do on-site with our own phone or tablet. Very easy.

Laurens PetersTechnician

High quality rent rolls in record time after acquisition. Great!

Eva HuijgenAsset manager

Applying was so easy, same as sending service requests through the app


Rentpal helps us acquire and screen new tenants with ease. We can do this within 24 hours now!”

Maarten BomersLeasing manager

Deliver the best tenant experience with our Big Five.

Marketing & Leasing

Automatically list your available units and easily acquire applicants.

Tenant Management

Chat with your tenants, manage service requests and easy invoice payments.

Property management

Automated inspections, work order management, rent- and unit management.

Invoicing & Accounting

Rent invoices, accept and reconcile digital payments, control your ledgers and manage your vendors. 

Reporting & insights

Occupancy, lease up, you name it! We also still offer a rent roll.

Talk with your tenants. For real!

We’ve optimized tenant engagement by ditching their passwords and introducing magic links. This creates a seamless tenant experience with minimal drop-off


  • Easy to use tenant (application) app
  • 24/7 chat function
  • Easy screening and feedback
  • Responsive property website & automated listing

Bye, rent arrears.

Reminders. Fast chargeback resolution. Suggested payment plans. All automated. Reducing arrears to the minimum.


  • Less manual work, use automated workflows
  • Realtime integrations
  • SEPA direct debit, iDeal and bank transfers
  • Receive high quality reports & insights

Fat-fingered technicians love it.

Big buttons. Easy navigation. Not too much bells and whistles, but to the point. Rentpal Onsite is designed specifically for technicians in the field.


  • Easy work order completion
  • Manage Labor and material charges
  • On the spot service request
  • Manage entry submissions

Unit-based pricing;
no upfront cost, easy onboarding.

Attract tenants, create operational efficiency, and have full insights with Rentpal.
All combined in one cloud based platform.
Result? Happy investors, happy managers and happy tenants.

Frequently asked questions

Why Rentpal?

Excellent customer experience is what drives us! Happy tenants. With our full service platform for residential real estate we have all the basics covered. One simple and intuitive tool to drive direct and indirect value right away.

We build together, with a 9 out of 10 score on leasing and weekly updates, we are the best of tech and real estate.

Costs to use Rentpal?

Rentpal is a subscription based solution starting at €2,- per month per unit for at-scale residential real estate. We offer a free quick scan and onboarding to get you up and running smoothly. Please contact us for a quote and offer that fits your specific needs.

Work together in Rentpal?

With love for our users (and developers) we’ve build a cloud-based platform you and your team can use at the same time. And guess what, it’s the only tool you will need to manage the property!

Together, we develop constantly to improve your experience, always ready to innovate. This way Rentpal will always fit your needs and those of your users.

How easy is onboarding?

We make sure onboarding and data migration are easy and smooth… Ready to roll in no time!

One platform, better insights, happy tenants.

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One platform, better insights, happy tenants.